Sermons from March 2017

A Fresh Return Home

A good thing about being thrown into exile (if there is such a thing) is that if you make your way back, you can have a clean start. Judah was given the opportunity to re-start. What would your priorities be if someone washed your life slate clean? If exile is being where you do not…

Finishing Strong

Daniel faces unbelievable pressure to compromise his faith in a hostile culture and enemy territory. He was constantly confronted by temptations and threats. Yet Daniel and his three friends modeled how to finish strong in an enticing world. Many generations have come and gone, but the lessons penned by Daniel still hold true for us.

Called to Impact Others

Obedience to God brings fulfillment, and disobedience leads to failure. It was predicted, modeled and seen over and over. While many of us could provide some personal stories as evidence of this, today’s example is one from a nation. Either way though, the point remains. Faithfulness to God is always the right choice, even if…