Sermons from September 2016

Slave to Rescuer

Today’s character, Joseph, is in some ways a typical representative of all our lives. Joseph goes from the top of life, to the bottom, and most places in between, in principle, just like us. While reviewing Joseph’s life of turmoil, we will learn the value of forgiveness and of trusting God.

Another Re-Start

After the excitement of creation, sin and sin’s damage, we now see God’s persistence in showing his love for us. God made a fresh new plan, and the key characters of his plan were somewhat surprising. If you have ever felt unqualified or unskilled to be used of God, please know that you are just…

You, the Jewel of Creation

Like a great story line, this non-fiction begins with a bang! Within this fast-paced account of the “beginnings” we find God’s special value placed on us. The story is God’s story as he loves and cares for us. In the midst of your struggles and insecurities, please know that God has and will go to…


God’s Plan for VCC

What is the target of Verde Community Church? Why do we function week after week? You are faithful in attending, giving, and volunteering but why? What is God’s plan for us as a whole? This morning, in-stead of talking about God’s plan directly for your life, we are speaking to God’s plan for Verde, and…