Sermons by Carl Lodico

Birth of the King

Missing the sacred is nothing new to our generation. In Jesus’ day, Israel had lost touch with the sacred. Even though they were waiting for a sacred Messiah, when Jesus came, the masses missed the sacred in their midst. Let’s recapture the sacred names and movements of God’s story back into our lives.

The Spirit’s Role

It’s Jesus’ final evening with his disciples. Empty dishes are on the table, feet have been washed, and one of them has gone. Two things keep recurring in Jesus’ conversation. He’s leaving, and the Holy Spirit is coming to replace him. We often wish Jesus could be physically present with us today. We envy the…


When the Scripture describes the compassion of Jesus it isn’t talking about a superficial sympathy toward others. He empathizes deeply and enters into our suffering, feels our pain and knows our languages. Jesus is known for his compassion. It is part of who he is and how he lived (Matthew 14:14, Mark 8:2, Matthew 20:34).…

Finishing Strong

Daniel faces unbelievable pressure to compromise his faith in a hostile culture and enemy territory. He was constantly confronted by temptations and threats. Yet Daniel and his three friends modeled how to finish strong in an enticing world. Many generations have come and gone, but the lessons penned by Daniel still hold true for us.

God: The Ultimate Deliverer

Without a doubt, Moses is one of the most fascinating characters in history – and certainly one of the most important. His life is an interesting story, but it is much more than that. As we take a closer look at events in his life, there are many lessons to be learned that still have…