Sermons on John

He Was Like Us, He Was Unlike Us

Wouldn’t it be terrible to meet Jesus and realize that the singer Joan Osborne asked the right question…”What if God was one of us?”…and we didn’t know it.  We didn’t know him. Let’s celebrate this Christmas that Jesus was both like us and unlike us!  And because of that we can experience the greatest gift…

Jesus is Enough

John is going to show us several reasons why Jesus is enough.  That we can rest in Jesus…the Word who “became flesh and dwelt among us.”…and give up on our ability to be good enough or to earn God’s favor.  This Christmas receive the best gift of all…grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone!

Birth of the King

Missing the sacred is nothing new to our generation. In Jesus’ day, Israel had lost touch with the sacred. Even though they were waiting for a sacred Messiah, when Jesus came, the masses missed the sacred in their midst. Let’s recapture the sacred names and movements of God’s story back into our lives.

Unity Impact

Jesus ends his final words to his disciples with a prayer. A prayer for unity. This unity is not just an agreeable sentimentality. This unity is one that is founded in the Father for the testimony of those who have yet to believe. Any church that desires to have an impact in the community must…