Next Generation Pastor

We invite you to prayerfully consider this job description and whether you sense it could be a good “fit” for you. It is our greatest desire to identify the person we believe God has already chosen to fill this position. The Ideal candidate will demonstrate a passionate personal relationship with Jesus and a surrendered life to the leading of the Holy Spirit, an undeniable passion for all youth from birth to high school, a strong commitment to fostering spiritual development, a gift for creating meaningful connections with students and their families, and be able to recruit, train and deploy volunteers to do the work of ministry.

We believe the church is in an excellent position to grow in a thriving community that will continue in the months and years ahead. To that end we invite you to follow the link below for a snapshot of our…

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  • Location & Demographics
  • Church Culture & Style
  • Leadership & Challenge
  • Beliefs

We believe this is a great place for a self-motivated person to experience success in ministry and also have a vibrant family life. There is a rugged beauty in the environment around us that God created for us to enjoy. If this opportunity as a Next Generation Pastor has caught your interest, please prayerfully consider sending the following documents to our search team:

  • A professional resume detailing education, experience and attributes
  • An explanation of your call to ministry
  • Your personal testimony of salvation in Jesus Christ
  • A current picture of you and your family (if applicable)
  • All social medial handles and identities (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc.)

Church / Position Profile